Contact Us

Contact Us

Kimberly Lyle, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, 754-2297

Billy Hueramo, Elementary Curriculum Coordinator, 754-2282

Sarah Montgomery, Secondary Curriculum Coordinator, 754-1733

Amy Crook, Bilingual Coordinator: 815-754-2358

Lisa Gorchels, Early Learning & Development Center Director: 754-2999

Dr. Amy Luckner, Assessment, Research, and MTSS Coordinator: 815-754-2953

Support Team:

Julie Clark, Curriculum & Instruction Administrative Assistant: 815-754-2296

Wendy Kuryliw, Office Professional, SIS State Reporting: 815-754-2348

Michelle Smith, Central Registration:

Denise Flemming, TOSA for Technology: 815-754-2209

Jennifer Gilley, Inst Coach/TOSA/SL-Bilingual:

Jill Springer, Inst Coach/TOSA/Literacy: