Early Entrance to Kindergarten or First Grade

Early entrance provides students with highly advanced skills the opportunity to begin Kindergarten or First Grade early (i.e., before they typically would be based on their age). The procedures for early entrance are as follows:

  • Parents or teachers who feel that their student is highly advanced and may benefit from early entry to Kindergarten or First Grade should submit a written request to the District Curriculum and Instruction Department (jessica.nall@d428org). Written requests must be submitted between March 1st and May 1st of the prior school year.

    • Families seeking evaluation after May 1st must enroll in the age-appropriate school program and students will be considered in the first six weeks from the onset of that school year.

  • The school district will confirm the request for early entrance consideration and notify the parents or guardians outlining the procedures for evaluation. The evaluation will include multiple indicators for identifying highly capable students, including indicators of academic skills, ability, and social-emotional readiness. The multiple indicators may include standardized assessments (objective norm-referenced assessments of academic or cognitive ability), performance data, and/or rating scales and narrative information from teachers and parents or guardians. Any assessments that are used as part of the evaluation process will be appropriate given the needs of the student and will include any accommodations to which a student is entitled.

  • After the evaluation, parents or guardians will be invited to a feedback conference. Members of the early entrance team and the principal will provide information regarding the child’s performance during the screening, review the test results, and give parents a written summary of the screening.

  • The decision about early entrance eligibility will be made by the early entrance team.

  • Children who are accepted for early entrance will be enrolled on a probationary basis. If a child’s adjustment is not satisfactory, the principal will request that the child enroll when the child meets the state’s enrollment age requirement for the appropriate grade level. If it is determined that the child’s adjustment is satisfactory, the child may continue enrollment in the early entrance program.